Version 0.13 installation workaround

Hello everyone,

this workaround is for everyone who have installed version 0.12 or lower. If you did not install TLG Alpha before, you can skip this.

I'm writing this devlog to lessen impact of my mistake. I guess in life of every android developer at some point you will learn about application signing. Well, I have learned it now, so I have finally signed TLG Alpha with my own signature. What does it mean? Basicaly you will lose your saved game progress if you install version 0.13 now. I have written workaround below, so you avoid losing anything. If you have installed version 0.12 or lower, proceed with reading further.

Save the saves workaround:

  1. Locate the save game file. The file path will looks like this: "Internal storage/Android/data/com.janvytrisal.tlgalpha/files". Here is "gamedata.dat" file.
  2. Copy the "gamedata.dat" file to some safe location. For example you can copy it to "Internal storage/Download" folder.
  3. Uninstall TLG Alpha.
  4. Download version 0.13 of TLG Alpha from
  5. Install it.
  6. Start TLG Alpha application and press NEW GAME. 
  7. Exit TLG Alpha application. Click cogwheel in top right corner. Chose EXIT LEVEL. Chose QUIT.
  8. Copy the "gamedata.dat" file from your safe location to the "Internal storage/Android/data/com.janvytrisal.tlgalpha/files" and confirm overwriting.
  9. Start TLG Alpha application to see that your saved progress is back.

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