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TLG Alpha is a 3D platformer with procedurally generated levels.

One ball versus 50 space levels, where blue towers want to shot you down, for some reason. Each level is harder than previous one. Can you make it? 

There are approximately 4 billion unique playthroughs. One is randomly chosen when you press New Game.


  • Movement: left half of screen. Put a finger on a screen and pull in desired direction. Joystick like motion.
  • Jump: tap inside square in lower right corner.
  • Rotating camera and player: tilt device to the left or right to perform 90 degree rotation.


  • Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean+)
  • Accelerometer
  • Allow installation from Unknown sources.
  • Accept required permissions when installing the game.

The game is in development, so I will be making updates from time to time. Feedback is welcome.

Current version: 0.13

TLG Alpha is under GNU GPL v3 license. Source code is here.



  • Improved graphic settings with anti aliasing 2x (experimental).
  • Started using mobile shaders.
  • Changed some textures.


  • Fixed player input registration problems.
  • Adjusted resolution scaling with different screen sizes.

Install instructions

NOTE: if you have installed version 0.12 or lower, please read this devlog before downloading current TLG Alpha version.

To install TLG Alpha on your Android device you need to:

  • Allow installation from Unknown sources: go to Settings > Security and check Unknown sources.
  • Copy TLGAlpha.apk to your Android device.
  • Click to install and accept required permissions. They are needed only for saving and loading the game.
  • (Optional) After installation: go to Settings > Security and uncheck Unknown sources.


TLGAlpha.apk 28 MB

Development log

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